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Primary Course

Recommended: Primary School Students

Queensland fruit fly adventure. You are a Queensland fruit fly. In this game, your choices mean you live or die. Can you survive?

Secondary Course

Recommended: Secondary School Students

You are a farmer facing a serious hazard. A possible Queensland Fruit Fly infestation that could destroy your crops and your business. Learn the skills and knowledge you need to protect your farm and save your business!

Industry Masterclass Video Presentation

Recommended: Fruit growers and businesses from the Yarra Valley

Duration: 112 Minutes

Queensland Fruit Fly is now widespread in northern Victoria and is threatening Yarra Valley fruit production. The Fruit Fly MasterClass is aimed at growers and businesses in the Yarra Valley. In this video you will hear from industry experts, scientists and growers. Learn what damage Queensland Fruit Fly can cause and how you can be prepared.